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Hearing Aid Industry Challenges


main challenges

in the hearing aid market

In 2050,


billion people

will suffer from hearing loss


million people

require auditory rehabilitation

In recent years, the growing popularity of 3C products and an increase in occupational injuries have contributed to a steady rise in the number of individuals experiencing mild to moderate hearing loss. According to the World Health Organization, it is projected that by 2050, nearly 2.5 billion people will be affected by varying degrees of hearing impairment, with approximately 700 million of them requiring rehabilitation services. Nevertheless, the prohibitive cost of hearing aids has emerged as a primary barrier preventing many of these individuals from accessing this essential technology. This predicament can be attributed, in part, to three significant challenges faced by the conventional hearing aid industry:

The primary challenge: the high operating costs
The conventional sales approach for hearing aids necessitates the use of costly soundproof chambers, specialized hearing assessment equipment, and skilled audiologists. These expenses invariably contribute to the elevated prices of hearing aids.

The second challenge: the shortage of skilled professionals
With the exception of advanced countries like Europe and the United States, many regions worldwide are grappling with a significant shortage of audiologists, impacting the accessibility and quality of hearing aid fitting and services

The third challenge: the quality of hearing aids 
Contemporary hearing aids continue to grapple with issues related to sound quality, latency, and performance in noisy surroundings, thereby constraining the overall auditory experience for users.


In an effort to tackle these challenges, Rehear provides state-of-the-art AI solutions aimed at lowering the expense of hearing aids, improving accessibility, and elevating the overall auditory experience.

Our advanced hearing aid chip seamlessly incorporates active noise reduction technology and a dedicated hearing test app, enabling users to perform precise hearing assessments in various environments. This breakthrough promises a significant reduction in the costs typically associated with hearing aid fittings.

Innovative AI‧Challenging the New Era of Auditory Experience

OTC HA chip + AI + APP Integration Solution


Conventional hearing test V.S. Rehear hearing test


High equipment costs

The venue necessitates a soundproof chamber to eliminate ambient noise.

Insufficient hearing health professionals

Requiring audiologists' expertise to operate the instruments

The time cost is high

Individuals with hearing loss must visit specialized locations for hearing tests


No venue restrictions

Activate ANC in a moderately quiet environment to begin hearing test


No need for professional assistance

Users can utilize the app to conduct self-tests, resulting in the acquisition of hearing numbers


Low time cost

Individuals with hearing loss can undergo hearing tests at any location and at any time

Rehear smart hearing testing procedure

Customized for you

Binaural ANC Hearing Test

‧ Measure eight frequencies in both ears
‧ The ANC is activated automatically.
‧ Enter the hearing testing mode

Personal hearing numbers

‧ Test results are recorded automatically.
‧ The hearing numbers is used to assess the extent of hearing impairment

Customized compensation

‧ NAL-R (hearing aid prescription)

Customized chip parameters

‧ AI control unit
‧ Hearing parameters are written into the chip

Configuring the chips

‧ Rehear the original sound
‧ ultra-low delay time
‧ wide frequency range

Solution key values


APP hearing test

‧ Clinically proven that the APP can provide an equivalent result to a traditional hearing test conducted in a sound booth.
‧ High signal-to-noise ratio pure tone hearing test technology


Rehear the original sound

‧ Ultra-low delay: 0.2 ms
‧ Input sound sampling rate: 625k Hz
‧ Frequency range: 0~22.05K Hz
‧ adjustable channels: up to 441 channels


Enjoy music and phone calls quietly

‧ Minimize ambient environmental sound (4 optimized scenarios)
‧ Hybrid ANC technology reduces ambient noise by 40dB
‧ ANC integrated with streaming audio compensation


Hearing compensation

‧ AI can generate a hearing aid prescription compensation in just 50 milliseconds.
‧ Compensation error < 2dB
‧ The Exclusive APP enables users to fine tune the volume


APP hearing test

Stepping out of the sound booth

Have you ever had to undergo complex hearing tests for hearing issues? Now, Rehear's personal hearing test app simplifies the process, offering convenience and flexibility. With just your smartphone, you can easily conduct a hearing test anytime, anywhere, eliminating the need for a sound booth and providing maximum convenience.

15 minutes‧Three simple steps - Complete the hearing test in a glance


Easily upgrade your phone to a hearing testing instrument 

1. Please open the app and conduct a hearing test for both ears.
2. The ANC function is turned on automatically.
3. When you hear the beep, just tap the screen.

Rehear hearing test system-how to replace the sound booth?

ANC technology intelligently enhances noise reduction effectiveness and further improve the "signal-to-noise ratio for detecting pure tones".

With the help of ANC, you'll enjoy a tranquility level similar to that of a traditional hearing testing environment.


GSI clinical audiometer V.S. Rehear smart hearing test

Experimental validation verifies the precision of equivalent pure-tone output measurements.


Rehear conforms to the ANSI S3.6 specifications.

The average error within each frequency band is below 1.7 dB which conforms to clinical standards.

Rehear can measure "Hearing numbers".

Experimentally validated that 15 individuals with hearing loss can attain an error margin of less than 10 dB.


An immersive encounter with the authentic sound

Rehear acoustic tuning technology

Ultra-low delay of



High sampling rate at



Up to


adjustable channels


Ultra-low delay of 0.2 ms

We recognize that excessive audio latency can result in distorted speech. Rehear offers an exceptionally low latency of just 0.2 milliseconds to guarantee that voice expression remains vivid and perfectly synchronized.

sample rate_update

High sampling rate at 625k Hz

The higher the sampling rate, the more data is available for a detailed reconstruction of sound information in real-time. Rehear's distinctive 625k Hz high sampling rate technology guarantees pristine audio quality and delivers a more vibrant and precise rhythm. Whether you're engaging in conversations or indulging in music, you'll consistently enjoy rich and intricate sound quality!

Up to 441 adjustable channels

Rehear's chip boasts an impressive 441 channels, enabling a more detailed analysis and calculation of hearing compensation gain prescriptions. The resulting hearing curve is smoother and more comprehensive, ensuring a more comfortable listening experience.


Explore Rehear Mode Validation Data


Hearing aid acoustic measurement analyzer

The exceptionally low 0.2ms delay time significantly minimizes the comb filter effect.


The frequency response remains stable without any loss within the 0 to 20k Hz range.

When applying a frequency sweep signal ranging from 0 to 20 kHz, observe the frequency response in Rehear mode.
The sound output remains consistent without any loss from 0 to 20k Hz.


Farwell to the hustle and bustle

In a noisy world, we offer you tranquility.
Rehear’s Active Noise Cancellation Technology (Hybrid ANC).
It not only isolates you from the hustle and bustle but also enables you to experience the enchanting power of sound quality.

Multiple anti-noise modes to craft an immersive listening experience

Users can choose the ideal noise reduction setting based on their surroundings.


Aviation mode


Public Transportation mode


Café Shop mode


Blended Noise mode


Enhancing the comprehension of streaming audio in noisy environments for the hearing loss.


Leakage noise caused by environmental noise can adversely impact the listening experience of streaming audio for individuals with hearing loss.
Rehear utilizes active noise reduction (ANC) to generate reverse waves, enhancing sound clarity, addressing noise penetration issues, eliminating unwanted audio interference, and prioritizing crystal-clear calls and melodies.

In a noisy environment,
The noise-cancellation effect perceived by individuals with hearing loss


Eliminating the sensation of own voice and vibrations in the ears canal

Enhanced APT mode reduces the occlusion effect, providing a more cozy and long-lasting wearing experience.


AI-driven gain compensation tailored to individual needs

Everyone's hearing is unique.

With the AI control unit, you can achieve a precise hearing compensation experience.
The intelligent AI control unit converts "gain" into "filter coefficients in the chip," allowing you to customize the volume of each sound to your individual preference.

AI rapidly configures settings in just 50 milliseconds.

Rehear integrates an AI control unit that transforms your individual hearing threshold prescription into filter coefficients within the chip. This allows for the hearing aid's compensation prescription to be configured in a mere 50 milliseconds, ensuring that the sound attains the expected listening experience.


Fine-tuned adjustment

We offer a dedicated app for effortless volume adjustments, ensuring a tailored listening experience.

The error in each frequency band is less than 2 dB.

Five common and eleven prevalent hearing loss configurations were chosen as test cases, and the discrepancy between the gain measured using Audioscan and the gain prescibed by NAL-R was assessed.


Boost the Quality and Intelligibility

Experiment shows that under 75 dB noise, Rehear Gain + ANC can effectively improve the speech quality (HASQI) and intelligibility (HASPI)

2023-10-13 14_03_41-HASQIHASPI - Excel
2023-10-13 14_04_52-HASQIHASPI - Excel_2

Diverse chip solutions tailored to fulfill your specific configuration requirements.

  HA-22 HA-23 HA-24 HA-25
Listen to music and phone call quietly Max ANC 40 dB Max ANC 40 dB Max ANC 40 dB Max ANC 40 dB
Lower occlusion effect Lower occlusion effect Lower occlusion effect Lower occlusion effect
Hearing number Hearing test with hearing number Hearing test with hearing number Hearing test with hearing number Hearing test with hearing number
Hearing compensation Conversation & Streaming audio Conversation & Streaming audio Conversation & Streaming audio Conversation & Streaming audio
Ultra-low latency 0.2 ms 0.2 ms 0.2 ms 0.2 ms
Compansation channels noisy environment 10 channels
noisy environment 50 channels
noisy environment 10 channels
noisy environment 100 channels
noisy environment 10 channels
noisy environment 200 channels
noisy environment 10 channels
noisy environment 441 channels
High music quality
in quiet enviroment
Frequency range: 0~22.05k Hz Frequency range: 0~22.05k Hz Frequency range: 0~22.05k Hz Frequency range: 0~22.05k Hz
Sampling rate 44.1k Hz Sampling rate 625k Hz Sampling rate 625k Hz Sampling rate 625k Hz
in noisy enviroment

Hear the difference

We provide a variety of modes, including low-latency, high-frequency response Rehear mode and noise reduction modes optimized for different scenarios (such as aviation, commuting, coffee shops, noise mode). In addition, we also simulate the sound experience of hearing loss after noise reduction, and compare the sound quality with competing products, allowing you to personally experience the magic of optimized sound quality.

Immerse yourself in immediately and enjoy the outstanding auditory aesthetics.

Feel the quality difference


Original sound

Unactivated original sound quality



Rehear mode

High-quality original sound with low latency and wide frequency response

Multiple anti-noise modes

Selecte the optimal noise reduction mode according to the scene, bid farewell to the hustle and bustle, and enjoy the optimal auditory aesthetics.


Aviation mode


Public Transportation mode


Café Shop mode


Blended Noise mode

Comparison of speech under noise heard by the hearing loss.


Music & Anti-noise performance comparison

Big_Hear icon_W_01_EN

Rehear vs Competitor W

Big_Hear icon_P_02_EN

Rehear vs Competitor P

Big_Hear icon_O_03_EN

Rehear vs Competitor O

Phone call under noise comparison

Big_phone icon_W_01_EN

Rehear vs Competitor W

Big_phone icon_P_02_EN

Rehear vs Competitor P

Big_phone icon_P_03_EN

Rehear vs Competitor O

Conversation under noise comparison


Rehear vs Competitor W


Rehear vs Competitor P


Rehear vs Competitor O

Conversation without noise comparison


Rehear vs Competitor W


Rehear vs Competitor P


Rehear vs Competitor O

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