About Rehear

Rehear: Unleashing the Beauty of Original Sound
Take a journey with us to rediscover the intricate and elegant world of sound, rekindling the embrace of your youth.

Open old photo albums, close your eyes, and gently reminisce about the beautiful moments of the past. Do you miss the auditory experiences of your younger days, immersing yourself in warm and delightful environments while enjoying the splendor of music?

Rehear is dedicated to providing consumers with a fantastic auditory experience, taking you on a journey back in time. Allow yourself to hear the subtle elegance of the original sound once more and rekindle the spirit of your youth.

Our mission

In collaboration with Realtek Semiconductor, Rehear leverages over two decades of rich industry research and development experience, along with innovative chip solutions. We firmly believe that the ultimate value of technological innovation lies in its ability to enhance people's lives. We offer two major Bluetooth chip solutions: the HA hearing aid chip and TWS headphones with hearing measurement capabilities.

Through our proprietary chip technology, Rehear enables wireless Bluetooth earbuds to unleash the beauty of the original sound. Our unique AI software deep learning technology not only produces high-quality frequency responses through ultra-high sound quality sampling but also provides personalized sound compensation based on individual hearing numbers. This allows users to enjoy customized sound quality compensation during music playback, phone calls, or conversations, receiving the delicate and high-quality lossless original sound that normal hearing individuals enjoy. We also excel in noise management, implementing active noise cancellation (ANC) to reduce interference, providing users with an immersive and undisturbed experience.

We are committed to becoming a leading provider in the Bluetooth chip solutions field, maintaining a high dedication to technological innovation and excellence in quality. With our team's wealth of industry experience and expertise in deep learning algorithms, we continuously strive for excellence and innovation. Our product features have undergone clinical experiments and rigorous testing in professional laboratories, obtaining various strict quality and patent certifications. We aim to help customers add value to their products and drive the development of Bluetooth audio intelligent chip technology, enhancing users' extraordinary auditory experiences.

Rehear Audiology : Rediscover the Symphony of Sound

Mission: To become a global leader in hearing aid and TWS (True Wireless Stereo) earphone solutions, we are dedicated to redefining the auditory experience. Our goal is to enable every individual with hearing loss and users to effortlessly and intelligently enjoy pristine sound, rediscovering the true symphony of sound.

Vision: We are committed to enhancing people's auditory experience by providing more intelligent, captivating, and easily accessible solutions for individuals with hearing loss. Simultaneously, we assist TWS earphone users in hearing more clearly, rediscovering the symphony of original sound quality. Create a shared auditory feast, fostering a more mellow and harmonic society.