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Listen clearly to your melody

TWS BT chip + AI + APP Integration Solution


Also a hearing health tracking partner

Excellent anti-noise and hearing detection APP to protect your hearing


Rehear smart hearing testing procedure

Customized for you

Binaural ANC Hearing Test

‧ Measure eight frequencies in both ears
‧ The ANC is activated automatically.
‧ Enter the hearing testing mode

Personal hearing numbers

‧ Test results are recorded automatically.
‧ The hearing numbers is used to assess the extent of hearing impairment

Customized compensation

‧ NAL-R (hearing aid prescription)

Customized chip parameters

‧ AI control unit
‧ Hearing parameters are written into the chip

Configuring the chips

‧ Rehear the original sound
‧ ultra-low delay time
‧ wide frequency range

Solution key values


Hearing measurement

‧ APP hearing test
‧ Tracking hearing health with Hearing Number


Delicate quality of music

‧ High sampling (625k) without distortion
‧ Input sound sampling rate: 625k Hz
‧ AI tuning technology: Harman curve, Hi-Res
‧ Low power consumption: save 22% battery


Listen attentively

‧ 4 optimized scenarios to minimize ambient noise
‧ Hybrid ANC technology reduces ambient noise by 40dB


Listen clearly

‧ Personalized hearing compensation.
‧ Phone call enhancement
‧ Personal melody


Hearing Test App

Monitor Your Hearing Health

The Rehear Hearing Test App offers unparalleled convenience. With the ANC anti-noise function activated, there's no need for a soundproof room. Now users can enjoy hearing assessments anytime, anywhere. Clinical experiments have verified its accuracy in distinguishing between normal hearing and hearing loss.

Users can regularly track and access their personal hearing numbers. This valuable information helps users stay vigilant against hearing loss, slow its progression, and ultimately enhance users’ quality of hearing life.

15 Minutes, Three Easy Steps - A Quick Hearing Test


Effortlessly Transform Your Phone into a Hearing Testing Device

1. Open the app and perform a hearing test for both ears.
2. The ANC function activates automatically.
3. Simply tap the screen when you hear the beep.


Hearing Test App
Monitor Your Hearing Health Consistently

With our app, regularly tracking and accessing your individual hearing numbers is simple. This invaluable information helps users identify hearing loss risks early, slow down the advancement of hearing issues, and ultimately improve users’ quality of hearing life.

Rehear Hearing Test System: Redefining the Sound Booth

Our ANC technology intelligently enhances noise reduction effectiveness, significantly improving the "signal-to-noise ratio for detecting pure tones." With the aid of ANC, users will experience a level of tranquility akin to that of a traditional soundproof booth.


GSI clinical audiometer V.S. Rehear smart hearing test

Experimental validation verifies the precision of equivalent pure-tone output measurements.


Rehear conforms to the ANSI S3.6 specifications.

The average error within each frequency band is below 1.7 dB which conforms to clinical standards.

Rehear can measure "Hearing numbers".

Experimentally validated that 15 individuals with hearing loss can attain an error margin of less than 10 dB.


Exquisite Music Quality

Transcending Sound Quality Boundaries, Infusing Freshness into the Music Rhythm

High sampling rate



sample rate_update

High sampling rate 625k Hz

The higher the sampling rate, the more information is presented. Audio can be expressed in a more detail way.
Rehear's unique 625k Hz high sampling rate and revolutionary upsampling technology ensure that the sound details are blooming without distortion.

AI precise tuning, exclusive to you

Combined AI technology with Harman curve, precise control according to personal needs, showing the details of your music.


Low power consumption

Our low-power design not only increases battery life by 22% ,it also ensures that the sound quality is always stable and smooth.
You don’t need to interrupt your music time because of worrying about power problems.


Away from the hustle and bustle

Whether it’s a busy street or noisy transportation hub,
Rehear’s Hybrid ANC brings you peace and immersive listening feast.

Multiple anti-noise modes to craft an immersive listening experience

Users can choose the ideal noise reduction setting based on their surroundings.


Aviation mode


Public Transportation mode


Café Shop mode


Blended Noise mode


Rehear's ANC technology


Rehear's ANC technology can detect environmental noise and automatically generates opposite waveforms to offset external noise. Provide you with a clearer music and call experience.

Enhanced APT mode ‧ Don’t miss the world around you


Eliminating the sensation of own voice and vibrations in the ears canal

Enhanced APT mode reduces the occlusion effect, providing a more cozy and long-lasting wearing experience.


Personalized volume compensation

Everyone's hearing is unique.
With the AI control unit, you can achieve a precise hearing compensation experience.
The intelligent AI control unit converts "gain" into "filter coefficients in the chip," allowing you to customize the volume of each note to your individual preference.

AI rapidly configures personalized settings

Rehear utilizes the AI to convert the personal hearing prescription into the filter coefficients in the chip to ensure that the sound is just what you need.


Fine-tuned adjustment

We offer a dedicated app for effortless volume adjustments, ensuring a tailored listening experience.

The error in each frequency band is less than 5 dB.

Five common and eleven prevalent hearing loss configurations were chosen as test cases, and the discrepancy between the gain measured using Audioscan and the gain prescibed by NAL-R was assessed.

5db (1)

Boost the Quality and Intelligibility

Experiment shows that under 75 dB noise, Rehear Gain + ANC can effectively improve the speech quality (HASQI) and intelligibility (HASPI)

2023-10-13 14_03_41-HASQIHASPI - Excel
2023-10-13 14_04_52-HASQIHASPI - Excel_2

Diverse solutions tailored for different level

  TWS-10 TWS-11 TWS-12 TWS-13
Listen to music quietly
Better sound quality
Max ANC 40 dB Max ANC 40 dB Max ANC 40 dB Max ANC 40 dB
625k High sampling rate 625k High sampling rate 625k High sampling rate 625k High sampling rate
Lower occlusion effect Lower occlusion effect Lower occlusion effect Lower occlusion effect
Hearing number   Hearing test with hearing number Hearing test with hearing number Hearing test with hearing number
Conversation in noise     APT APT
Hear cristal clearly       Streaming audio compensation

Hear the difference

We provide a variety of modes, including low-latency, high-frequency response Rehear mode and noise reduction modes optimized for different scenarios (such as aviation, commuting, coffee shops, noise mode). In addition, we also simulate the sound experience of hearing loss after noise reduction, and compare the sound quality with competing products, allowing you to personally experience the magic of optimized sound quality.

Immerse yourself in immediately and enjoy the outstanding auditory aesthetics.

Multiple anti-noise modes

Selecte the optimal noise reduction mode according to the scene, bid farewell to the hustle and bustle, and enjoy the optimal auditory aesthetics.


Aviation mode


Public Transportation mode


Café Shop mode


Blended Noise mode

Music & Anti-noise performance comparison


Rehear vs Competitor G


Rehear vs Competitor S


Rehear vs Competitor A


Rehear vs Competitor B

Phone call under noise comparison


Rehear vs Competitor G


Rehear vs Competitor S


Rehear vs Competitor A


Rehear vs Competitor B

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