Validation at Hospital: Rehear Pioneers a New Era in Smartphone APP Hearing Assessment Solutions

Taipei City, October 8, 2023 - Rehear has been on a continuous journey to enhance the convenience and precision of Smartphone APP hearing assessments. Today, it is proud to announce the successful clinical validation of the Rehear Hearing Aid solutions at the hospital, heralding a groundbreaking era in hearing aid solutions.

The Rehear hearing test system represents a unique innovation that integrates Active Noise Cancellation technology with a specially crafted hearing test App. This allows users to accurately assess their hearing without the need for traditional soundproof booth. The system is designed to overcome environmental noise interference, revolutionizing the convenience and precision of hearing tests.

Rehear conducted comprehensive testing of this system, including professional electroacoustic measurements. The results showcased that the Rehear Hearing test solution can achieve an error rate of less than 2 dB across various pure tone frequencies, demonstrating its exceptional accuracy. Moreover, the incorporation of active noise cancellation technology ensures a "precise" and "high pure tone signal-to-noise ratio" for auditory signals during the assessment.

What is truly exciting is that, following clinical trial approval at the hospital, experimental outcomes indicated that the system exhibited a strong correlation with results obtained from the currently adopted professional hearing testing methods in clinics. This signifies that the Rehear Hearing aid solution empowers users to conduct hearing assessments anytime and anywhere, eliminating the need for a dedicated testing environment or additional equipment. This significant advancement not only reduces costs but also greatly enhances the convenience of hearing assessments.

Rehear's remarkable achievement opens up new horizons for the hearing aid industry, enabling a broader audience in need of hearing assessments to access timely and accurate auditory evaluations. It undeniably injects fresh vigor and optimism into the future development of the hearing aid sector.

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